The Huntress Review

The Huntress

Rating: 5/5

Summary: (x)

My thoughts:

This book was one of my most anticipated books of the year. I love her other book The Alice Network. So when I found a new book from her was coming out I automatically pre-ordered it. She is such a good author and I love her writing style. Then I heard the Night Witches were featured in the book and got even more excited. They are not mentioned enough in novels or non fiction. The book could not have been any better it was hard to put down.

All four of the main characters were fleshed out and the bits of their backstory we got helped the reader understand their motives. The flashbacks helped push the story along while also making the characters have explanation for how they move forward. The author writes characters so well. Nina was my favorite character out of all of them.

The plot kept me hooked and the book hard to put down. The flashbacks were not awkward or choppy they helped explain parts of the plot as the story unfolded. The plot twists were hard to guess and I liked how they were exposed. The plot and settings were my favorite part of the book.

Overall if you are a fan of WWII fiction or historical fiction I would recommend this book. The author does so much research which creates a well written book.  This is going to  make my favorites list of 2019.



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