Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Rating: 5/5 Summary: (x) My Thoughts: The Ex Talk was one of my favorite books last year, so this was an automatic add to my list. I loved this book even more than that one. This book has a unique setting of being a news network. Ari is such a well-written character and I loved … Continue reading Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon

2021 Favorites

I had 15 new favorite books in 2021. There were so many new releases I fell in love with and some backlist titles as well. 2021 was not the best year reading-wise, but I got to read these amazing books. This is late, but I still want to recommend these books if you have not … Continue reading 2021 Favorites

July TBR

I am kinda in a reading slump but there are so many new releases I want to get to. I also want to start reviewing again. Here are some of the books I want to get to. Ruin of WolvesThe Passing PlaybookMalibu RisingIn Deeper WatersIn the Ravenous Dark


So I have not posted since January. I have been struggling to read and review lately. It started last year during the lockdown and just got worse. I have been reading more lately and want to start reviewing books again. Hopefully I can get 1-2 posts a week up and start finding new reads!