Meet the Blogger.

I realized I had not made a post to introduce myself and tell y’all that I do besides book blogging. So here are 15 facts about me.

  1.  I am a full-time college student and a junior. My projected graduation date is May 2020.
  2. My major is Computer Information systems with a  concentration in databases.
  3. My dream job and goal is to become an officer in the Air Force.
  4. I have two cats. One is a Siamese cat and the other is a black cat.
  5. My other hobby is WWII collecting. I want to start a traveling museum once my collection gets big enough.
  6. I am a writer and would love to get the novel I am currently writing published.
  7.  In the process of switching my wardrobe into a more vintage style. I love the 40s and 50s style.
  8. My first fandoms were Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.
  9. Top five books are the Book thief, Six of Crows, The Hobbit, Renegades, and the Raven Boys.
  10.  Some nonfiction books I love are a bridge too far, masters of the air, a higher call, a question of honor, with the old breed, helmet for my pillow, The longest winter, brothers in battle best of friends, a company of heroes, who we are alive and remain, easy company soldier, beyond band of brothers, brotherhood of heroes, island of the damned.
  11. Favorite tv shows are Band of Brothers, The Pacific, X company, Justified, Outlander, The Punisher, Daredevil, Call the midwife, Great British Baking show, Victoria, Voltron, Supernatural, Miss Fischer’s murder mysteries, Murdoch Mysteries, Changi, Turn:  Washington’s Spies.
  12. My favorite places are museums and I love to visit new ones.
  13. The Dallas Stars and Liverpool FC are my favorite sports teams.
  14. I love fall and winter but where I live we don’t get much of either season.
  15. I kinda am getting into photography.



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