Together at Midnight by Jennifer Castle

Together at Midnight

Summary: (x)

Ratings: 4/5

My thoughts:

I have been on a contemporary kick lately. This is darker contemporary and I really enjoyed it. The main characters, Max and Kendall, witness a tragic accident which draws them together. They decide to do random acts of kindness together which leads them to become close.

The two characters have a history together and it complicates their story.  I loved how this was not insta love and was not really a love story. Yes, there were romantic aspects and complicated feelings between them but that was more of background plot points.

The setting had to have been my favorite part besides the characters. It was atmospheric and full of holiday vibes. But at the same time, a bit somber as what led them to do all of these acts was tragic. Holiday contemporaries are some of my favorites and the fact it had a message of spread goodwill towards others was good.

The characters were complex and had different motivations for their actions. Which I loved about them. Their relationship was complicated and full of different trials which added to them. Overall they were good and made the story so much more interesting.



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