Books related to Band of Brothers

I decided for my next book recommendations I would compile a list of all the books related to the show, Band of Brothers.  This series has a lot of books related to it written by the veterans and others who want to keep their stories alive.  I am going to break this down into categories.

Books written by the veterans:

  • Easy Company Soldier by Don Malarkey
  • Beyond Band of Brothers by Dick Winters
  • Call of Duty by Buck Compton
  • Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends by Bill Guarnere and Babe Heffron
  • Parachute Infantry by David Kenyon Webster
  • Airborne by Ed Shames

Books written about the veterans:

  • Shifty’s war by Marcus Brotherton
  • Who we are alive and remain by Marcus Brotherton
  • A Company of  heroes by Marcus Brotherton
  • Biggest Brother by Larry Alexander
  • In the footsteps of the Band of Brothers with Forrest Guth by Larry Alexander
  • Conversations with Major Dick Winters by Cole Kingseed

Interesting books about the 506th PIR and the 101st Airborne

  • D-day with the screaming eagles by George Koskimaki
  • Hell’s Highway by George Koskimaki
  • The Battered Bastards of Bastogne by George Koskimaki
  • Currahee!: A Screaming Eagle at Normandy  by Donald R. Burgett
  • The Road to Arnhem: A Screaming Eagle in Holland  by Donald R. Burgett
  • Seven Roads to Hell: A Screaming Eagle at Bastogne by Donald R. Burgett
  • Beyond the Rhine: A Screaming Eagle in Germany  by Donald R. Burgett
  • Tonight We Die As Men: The untold story of Third Battalion 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment from Toccoa to D-Day by Ian Gardner
  • Deliver Us From Darkness: The Untold Story of Third Battalion 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment during Market Garden by Ian Gardner
  • No Victory in Valhalla: The untold story of Third Battalion 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment from Bastogne to Berchtesgaden  by Ian Gardner

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