The upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

The Upside of Unrequited


Summary: (x)

My thoughts:

I loved this book so much especially since it is by one of favorite authors. It was such a good book and so fun. I could not put this down and was so happy it was as good as I had wanted it to be. I loved all the characters and relationships in this book. It was a great book that I will recommend and read again for sure.


Molly is seventeen and has a long line of unrequited crushes. So when her twin sister starts dating her girlfriend. Cassie tries to set her up with one of her girlfriend’s friends. She then develops a crush on both the friend, Will and her new coworker, Reid. The story goes from there and she has to decide whether to act on either of these crushes. Along the way their is family drama and lots of shenanigans.


I love Molly and Cassie so much. Their relationship is a realistic one and they had their conflicts. I liked her crushes Will and Reid. I was drawn to Reid more so than Will. The characters are real and funny.


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