Game on by Michelle Smith (received from netgalley for a review)

Game On (Lewis Creek, #2)


Summary: (x)

My Thoughts:
I have not read the first book but thanks to this book I will. I really liked the premise so that is why I choose to read it. It is a good summer read and I thought it was really good. There were some aspects of the book I did not like and I will mention them down below. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes young adult contemporaries and those who like young adult novels with sports in them.
The plot is pretty straightforward. I like how the plot helped with Eric and Bri’s character development. I felt the plot was the strongest part of the novel. It made the story better. My problem with the plot was I felt like it was rushed.
I thought Eric was a very complex character. He had flaws that made us see different sides of his personality. Bri was also a well written character. She was strong and knew what she wanted. Her ex was just a plain horrible person. The other characters were interesting and very good.


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