Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow review

Alexander Hamilton

This book is about the life of a forgotten founding father, Alexander Hamilton. Most know him as the founder of the bank and for being involved in a duel wit Aaron Burr that ended his life early. This book starts out from the beginning of his life on a Caribbean island all the way to his untimely death. It finally gives Alexander Hamilton the recognition he deserves.
My review:
I love non fiction and biographies so this was the book for me. I also discovered the musical Hamilton which was based off of this book. I really liked how the author laded out the book. He chronicled Hamilton’s life from beginning to the end.  He wrote Hamilton as real human being we can all relate to and realize his genius. This book did justice for a man who was forgotten for so long and now is again being recognized for how he shaped America and help found this country. This book shows how much he did for this country and how much he believed in the idea of America.
“Who lives, who dies, who tells your story” -Hamilton the musical

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